First, before anything can be done I must go out and find something interesting to shoot. Sometimes I will travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to get that one image. Days and weeks go by traveling all over.



Each image that is selected goes through an extensive process to create a piece of artwork. Sometimes this process can take weeks or even months. Each one is unique and well thought out from capture to creation. 


Once the images have been completely edited they will then go through various printing options. The process is called sublimation; they are mirrored and then printed on a sublimation printer.  A sublimation printer uses special ink and paper that will allow the images to be transferred to other materials. 

After they have been printed they will be applied to metal, acrylic, glass, wood, t-shirts, mugs, etc. In order to transfer them you must use a heat press with the correct temperature, pressure and time. 



While framing isn't always necessary with metal, glass and acrylic prints it is always an option and there are endless options available. For a more traditional and fine art feel a frame can be added whether a traditional frame or a floating frame. However, if you're wanting something more modern they can be finished with mounting hardware directly on the back or can be mounted with stand-off pucks.